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good Except


the interviewer’s questions doesn’t seem to match the intellect of the designers- which I think gets in the way of a flow-y, full and immersive conversations. Some of her questions to Maeda and Hecht are revealing of her very one dimensional idea and understanding of design/ creativity. I can almost hear the disbelief/ hesitations in designer’s responses to some of her lackluster questions/ comments.

Design on my mind.


Tania has this way of creating an intellectually easy going vibe. Creative, creative, creative. She gets down to the essence of these very unique visionaries. A creative person in her own right, she seamlessly relates to her guest and I look forward to hearing more from Design Mind and all the new interesting people they bring our way.



The Interviews with successful international designers, and their experiences are very inspiring. I really love Tania’s voice and the way how she puts questions from different angels, which keep my attention on conversation here.

Provocative Creativity


A subtle dialogue that goes behind the scenes and inside the minds of some brilliant individuals. And as I was listening, I too was wandering the halls, imagining and creating. Thank you for inspiring.

Love the long format


These interviews by host, Tania Ketenjian, are a wonderful mix of casual conversation and thoughtful insight. I almost felt like I was eavesdropping on two friends discussing the meaning of life! The long format is so refreshing. Worth a listen!

love love this podcast!

Sylvie from SFO

love love this podcast!



These guys are so creative. Love it!!!!!

Wow - Substance and style


This is substance and style. The interviewer has an incredible voice - velvet that draws you in. She makes you feel protected, safe, engaged and stimulated. But then the interviews dive deep, from the background of the designers, their history and then their philosophy and their work. Plus an incredible roster of amazing talent. I’m hooked.

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