Matthew Leverone began his design firm in the early 2000s bringing his talent and love for classic, yet modern interiors to the Bay Area. Matthew is known for his functionally elegant interiors and thoughtfully integrating multiple aspects of design into his projects including architecture, art, and craftsmanship. We sat down with him to discuss his design aesthetic, what brought him to the West Coast, and the advice he’d give to his younger-self.

Can you tell us how Leverone Design was conceived?
I always had a love for residential design but began my career in the corporate and retail sector of the business. It wasn’t until I moved from New York to San Francisco in the late 90’s that I found myself working for a residential firm. I knew then that this was the path for me and eventually opened my own firm 8 years later.

What word(s) would you use to describe your aesthetic, and how is it integrated into your projects?
Warm, authentic, balanced. I put great emphasis on scale and proportion and how it all relates to the architecture. And based on our clients’ desires, I interplay with color, texture and furniture layout to enhance the experience of each room while paying attention to how one is drawn from one space to the next. It’s important that rooms have purpose.

Can you explain your process when beginning a new project?
It all begins by understanding our clients’ lifestyle and vision for their home. I have a great team who collaborates on pulling the initial concept images together that helps create a common visual language with our clients and paves the way to how the project will evolve. From this framework and dialogue, we create the room layouts and then start to layer in the color palettes, fabrics, finishes and furniture.

What would you consider to be the biggest change in the field of design since you opened your firm?
Technology and the amount of information that is out there, some good and some not so accurate. It’s a double-edged sword and it certainly keeps us on our feet in managing expectations and pushing the boundaries of great design.

Have there been any notable influences on your career?
My parents who were design enthusiasts for their encouragement, drive and work ethic. And every firm I have worked for throughout the years and the knowledge I gained from each has been a driving force.

How did you end up in San Francisco and what do you think its effects have been on your work?
I was always drawn to California and its more casual lifestyle. The largest effect has been the indoor/outdoor living along with the changes in light and landscape that have had the largest impact on the way I approach design.

What exciting projects do you have in the pipeline?
We are working with some notable bay area architects. Some of our projects include homes in Maui, Pebble Beach, Canada, Los Angeles and the Bay Area. I work with such a great team and it couldn’t have been possible without their talent and dedication.

If you were to give your younger self advice in regards to a career in interior design, what would it be?
Be patient. You reach your goals one step at a time.

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