Naoto Fukasawa is, by most reckoning, one of the world’s best designers. An artist’s work is often an expression of who they are and when Naoto Fukasawa came to speak at Arkitektura Assembly we discovered this is certainly true of him. His attentive, humble manner is infused with humor and a light heartedness that few people of his renown possess. Much like the objects he designs, Naoto Fukasawa makes your world a better place in his presence.

Arkitektura Assembly with Naoto Fukasawa (Photography – Ashleigh Reddy)

Arkitektura Assembly had one of its largest turnouts to hear Fukasawa speak with over five hundred people present.

Hiroshima Armchair for Maruni by Naoto Fukasawa
Hiroshima Sidechair for Maruni by Naoto Fukasawa
8-Inch LCD TV for Plus Minus Zero by Naoto Fukasawa
Chair for Vitra by Naoto Fukasawa
CD Player for Muji by Naoto Fukasawa
Humidifier for Plus Minus Zero by Naoto Fukasawa
Grande Papilio and Piccola Papilio chair for B&B Italia by Naoto Fukasawa
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