Minotti is world renowned for its distinctive aesthetic in modern home furnishings and décor. Many discriminating connoisseurs are drawn to Minotti for its use of textiles with sophisticated textures and first-rate yarns. Minotti products are the ultimate synthesis of comfort and versatility, lightness and durability.

Minotti remains at the forefront of Italian design, in part, because it studies the world – alert to the evolution of changes in the creative conversation surrounding aesthetic, materials, craftsmanship and innovation. Minotti’s commitment to excellence at every stage – from the designers and materials they choose to work with to the dealers they carefully select to represent them – has set the standard for quality design and service. Discerning buyers know that when you purchase Minotti through an Authorized Dealer such as Arkitektura, not only do you receive a certificate of authenticity, but an unparalleled design, sales, and after-sales service experience.

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