After an 18 month hiatus because of the pandemic, Milan Design Week, one of the most renowned design events globally, is in full swing this week.

From the 5th to the 10th of September, more than 350,000 design enthusiasts from around the world will have the chance to explore new designs and share ideas. We’re highlighting the below standout products newly introduced at the 2021 Milan Design Week coming to our showrooms shortly. Questions? Inquire here.


Brasilia sofa
by Marcio Kogan / mk27 design

With a Mid-Century aesthetic, the Brasilia sofa and armchair express their minimal appeal, revealing Minotti’s extreme sophistication into details and juxtaposition of materials. A design that looks to the future, made to stand the test of time and become a new classic. Inquire here

Marvin Dining table
by Rodolfo Dordoni

Comprising a series of curved metal quarter circles, the table’s base comes in a satin-finish stainless steel or pewter-colored varnished metal, with distinctive black inserts on the edges. Inquire here.

Roger sofa
by Rodolfo Dordoni

Fall in love with the eclectic character of Roger, a true signature of Minotti’s sartorial craftsmanship. A new exciting way of experiencing the living. Inquire here.

by Marcio Kogan

Expression of Marcio Kogan’s distinctive architectural language, Superquadra includes storage units, dining tables, benches and coffee tables featuring a refined juxtaposition of precious materials and finishes. Inquire here.

by Gam Fratesi

Let yourself be fascinated by Patio’s powerful character and extreme versatility. The perfect seating system for injecting a spark of vitality in any outdoor living. Inquire here.

Torii Nest Outdoor
by Nendo

Torii Nest Outdoor brings outside the delicate balance between Japanese tradition towards Minotti’s finest craftsmanship and sartorial attention to detail. Inquire here.

by Rodolfo Dordoni

The inspiration behind the Belt family, also by Rodolfo Dordoni, is the idea of a belt that draws the profile of the body, encircling it, then breaking off and fastening on the front of the seat, using an ultra-sophisticated crafting process. The family consists of a sofa, armchair, bergère with ottoman, a smaller lounge armchair and a dining little armchair. Inquire here.


Sorian Sofa & Armchair
by Afra and Tobia Scarpa

A true style icon, defined by abundant curves, Soriana was originally designed in 1969 by Afra and Tobia Scarpa and awarded a Compasso d’Oro prize the following year. In the 1960s and 1970s, Cassina was pioneering in the way that it experimented with innovative materials to create new forms and industrially develop its designs with the most advanced solutions. Inquire here.


D Studio Milano opened its doors this week, giving rise to what professionals, enthusiasts and clients have been waiting for for so long: a fluid space where creativity, know-how and technological expertise highlight the relationship between customer experience and the artistic vision of our designers.

The space features a multi-brand experience where B&B Italia, Maxalto, Azucena, Arclinea, Flos and Louis Poulsen coexist under the same roof. Explore more here.


Venus Power
by Patricia Urquiola

Black lines define the perimeter of floating shapes and identify the single letters that compose the phrase “We all come from Venus”. A mission statement that alludes to Graffiti Art, also applied in the collections hypnotic texture: a vortex of color inspired by the intriguing atmosphere of Venus. Inquire here.


Matéria lowboard
by Christian Haas

Matéria is a minimalist low board created by Germany-based designer Christian Haas. The unusual typology of the Low Board and its aura of tranquillity distinguish Matéria. Taking a closer look, the monochrome game of the chosen materials travertine and beech wood, as well as subtle details, get revealed. Inquire here.

Sol Side Table
by Ortega Guijarro

The Spanish designer duo Ortega-Guijarro have created a design with an impressive wealth of facets. As strikingly simple as the construction made of glass panels of different sizes may be, at second glance it is quite complex. Depending on the perspective, the incidence of light and shadows, the coloured-transparent elements of the table merge into ever-changing silhouettes and visually trick their observers. Elegant sculpture or functional side table? Sol is not either/or but both at the same time. Inquire here.


100 Light
Bocci brought together multiple glass artists within the glass studio in a performative act to create the new pendant light ‘100’. Molten glass bubbles are prepared individually, then smashed together to produce irregular interlocking glass forms. Inquire here.


Elsa chair
by m2 atelier

A tribute to Elsa Peretti, this armchair is the result of an alternation of volumes and empty spaces, of opposing forces. Inquire here.

Vesper sofa
by Roberto Lazzeroni

A seating system that overcomes the traditional idea of sofas to offer a dynamic and customizable concept. Inquire here.

Tie chair
by m2 atelier

The Tie chair is characterized by its full volume and organic form. Inquire here.

Enso table
by m2 atelier

The meaning of the Japanese character Ensō, “circle”, is rooted in Zen Buddhism: enlightenment, infinity, absolute universe. Inquire here.


NVL Table
by Jean Nouvel

A mono-material table, with contemporary lines and characterized by a strong personality. NVL Table is the second project signed by the French architect Jean Nouvel for MDF Italia after Super_Position and which literally takes its name. The distinctive features of Jean Nouvel’s architecture are fully manifested in this table and enhance the stylistic elements that have always distinguished his work: pure geometric shapes, formal lightness, graphic lines, rigour. Inquire here.


by de Sede Design Team

The charm of the new DS-602 is that it fits into the modular, timeless design language of the DS-600 and offers new, expandable seating options with its new back-to-back feature. In addition to the clever redesign, which has been waiting in a drawer for a long time to be rediscovered, the materials play another major role. Inquire here.


Paradise Bird Desk
by Luca Nichetto

A desk expanded and complemented the Paradise Bird collection Luca Nichetto designed for Wittmann: high school of design for a stylish workplace in the home office. Inquire here.

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