SkLO (the Czech word for “glass”) has just introduced five new innovative lighting lines to their LIT collection:

The Dew Sconce: An intense expression of the molten origins of SkLO handblown glass, each DEW Sconce features a solid, sculpted glass diffuser composed of layers of glass applied while hot and in a semi-liquid state, giving it a distinct dripping appearance. For more information please contact us.

The Veer Pendant: The Veer Pendant has a playful, sculptural quality about it. It is a pendant version of the Veer Light, a floor and table light that has been part of the SkLO:LIT lighting collection for years. For more information please contact us.

The Twin 2.0 Sconce: The glass of the Twin 2.0 is the same as that of the Twin 1.0 – two flattened spheres of handblown glass are joined together while hot on the glassblower’s pipes, then carefully cut and polished to create a flat surface, allowing the glass to fit perfectly flush against the brass canopy plate. Each of the spheres covers its socket, so both halves of the glass are individually lit. For more information please contact us.

The Stem 3X Series: Along with the Sconce/Ceiling version, the Stem 3X is also available as a pendant fixture. The only difference is the fixture is suspended on a rigid brass tube stem. Each fixture is built-to-order, and stems are cut to specified length for each order. For more information please contact us.

The Once Light: The Once Light consists of a single lit sphere of handblown Czech glass which rests atop a brass ring. Available in three different glass sizes and five glass colors. The rings are included, and each ring is sized to match the glass size. The glass spheres each feature an off‑center double‑dipped fire‑polished mouth where the piece is broken from the blower’s pipe, making each unique.For more information please contact us.

View the full SkLO collection here.

The Dew Sconce
The Veer Pendant
The Twin 2.0 Sconce
The Stem 3x Series
The Once Light
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