This month, B&B Italia and Arkitektura are acting both as showrooms and as art gallery, featuring the work of photograher Nina Dietzel who has captured the stunning sculptures of local artist Mark diSuvero.

Much of the work in the B&B Italia and Arkitektura showrooms straddles the worlds of art and design. So it’s no surprise that we should have the work of an internationally recognized, locally based photographer sharing her recent work: Photographs of the dynamic and large sculptures of Mark diSuvero whose pieces can be seen near the foot of The Golden Gate Bridge at Crissy Fields.

Nina moves between several different worlds in photography: From the very public, where she photographs leaders such as Benjamin Netanyahu and Hillary Clinton, to the private and intimate, where she goes into the studios of artists to document their work and way of seeing.

In the case of Mark diSuvero, this is particularly poignant. The sculptures themselves are so large and out in the open yet Nina traces the quiet moments behind them. It’s this dichotomy that makes her work so compelling.

The images in this exhibition are unique to Nina’s work as a whole and represent an exploration she is in the midst of, in-camera double exposures, made with an old Hasselblad. As a result, the seeming static medium of photography brings movement and dynamism to the images, ideal for a series on sculptures which shift and change given their environment.

Arkitektura and B&B Italia have a commitment to bringing beauty and an artistic sensibility to life through the furniture we live with. Nina’s work poetically mirrors this, using images to explore structure and create beauty.

Figolu I
Huru I
Magma II
Mother Peace I
Mother Peace III
Figolu II
Magma I (Huru in Background)
Magma III
Mother Peace II
Will I

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