Founded in Tuscany in 1987, Edra is now one of the most influential and nonconformist of industrial design.

Edra’s strength lies in the design choices, aimed at overcoming the trends to create timeless, hand-crafted furniture.

Known for its unconventional and impactfully designed furniture, Edra has collaborated with some of the world’s most respected designers like Francesco Binfarè, Masanori Umeda, Cananzi and Semprini, Fernando and Humberto Campana, Ross Lovegrove and Steven Blaess.

Edra’s designs are currently shown in museums worldwide. Visit our showroom, or contact us to discover more about Edra and its products.

On The Rocks Sofa
Cipria Sofa
Jenette Chair
Sushi Chair
Egeo Table
Favela Chair
Boa Sofa
Vermelha Chair
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