USM Modular is one of those wondrous things you can easily miss, so beautiful and simple in its design, it’s almost inconspicuous. Except when you have a sensibility for exceptional quality. Then you know you are looking at a USM piece, be it a set of drawers, shelving, tables or even walls.

Despite the fact that USM has been around for over 125 years (it was founded in 1885), it really didn’t come to prominence until the past 50 years when offices, retail and home spaces were adopting the beautifully produced modular systems into their spaces. Their most well known and familiar line is titled Haller and was inspired not by furniture but rather by the architect Frizt Haller who designed a new building for USM in the 60s, a building so successful that USM designed a line of furniture around it. Haller is elegant, simple, malleable and functional. It changes as you change, evolves with your needs and becomes a piece that can, and does, move through generations. It’s so well made that it stands the test of time, both aesthetically and structurally.

Beyond finding themselves in open space offices around the world, USM’s Haller is in the permanent collection of the Modern Museum of Art and the Cooper Hewitt National Design Museum.

This balance between art and design, a museum piece and a functional object, fits in well with many of the pieces we have at Arkitektura. It’s very beautiful, in fact it can even be in a museum, but you can also live and breathe with it, put your favorite objects on it, make it your own. We are excited about having USM on the roster of brilliant design in our showrooms.

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