We are delighted to announce our exclusive partnership with Wittmann.

Featuring some of the most innovative designs in furniture for seating and reclining, Wittmann products are steeped in strikingly modern Austrian traditions that date back through generations.

Wittmann developed from a saddlery with leather remaining the connecting theme. It was the generation preceding the current company management that made the decisive step in the 60s from the saddlery to an upholstered furniture manufacturer and simultaneously developed from a local into an international company. The, for the time, unusual decision to entrust designers and architects with the designs is today an important part of the company philosophy. What is being looked for is not the latest trend or the loudest design. Much more than that, the best sitting or sleeping comfort is the central topic of development. A piece is only considered to be successful when the design is capable of expressing elegance, balance and durability.

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