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Pamela Merory Dernham


Pamela Merory Dernham is an Oakland, California-based artist who exhibits nationally and whose work is collected internationally. Most recently she was in the two-person exhibit “This Land We Share” at Vessel Gallery in Oakland, Ca.Vessel Gallery is one of the most attention worthy galleries of the “Oakland Renaissance” and Merory Dernham is proud to have been included in numerous exhibits there, including:“Motive,” in 2017,“Artists:Women/Making Art” in 2015,“The Human Form asVessel” in 2013,“Ensembles & Orchestras” in 2012,and a solo exhibit “Body Language” in 2011. Recently, through Vessel Gallery, the Kenneth Rainin Foundation added new sculptures to their collection of her work.

“The Joy of Arrival,” a large-scale outdoor sculpture which is a reflection on the themes of exodus and immigration is currently on long-term exhibition at the Oshman Family Jewish Community Center in Palo Alto, Ca.

Further public works include four large scale sculptures at the Kenneth Rainin Foundation in Oakland, Ca., two of which had previously been on display at the Wells Fargo Center for the Arts in Santa Rosa, Ca.

Merory Dernham has exhibited extensively in the San Francisco Bay Area, including solo exhibits in 2008 at the Sonoma Valley Museum of Art and the di Rosa Preserve in 2004; and group exhibits at California College of the Arts (2006), the San Jose Institute of Contemporary Art (2005), and Grounds for Sculpture in Hamilton, New Jersey (2004).

Merory Dernham’s inspiration has always been the human figure. Her current work takes the human figure in 2 directions: first, as an allusion to landscape, and second, as a performative presence directly engaging the viewer.While based on the figure, her steel wire sculpture continues to evolve in the direction of abstraction. The figures are “stripped down” to the minimal requirements for expression through gesture.
Merory Dernham earned her Master of Fine Arts Degree at the California College of the Arts (CCA). She is an active member of the Pacific Rim Sculptors Group and was also active in the Alumni Council of CCA.

Artist Statement

My vocabulary as an artist consists of individual gesture drawings of the human form made from steel wire. Until very recently, I composed these gestured figures into sculptures that had ambiguous narrative intent.The viewer was an observer or voyeur into the interactions between the figures. Talking with viewers of my work, I found that they bring their own histories and perceptions to their experience of my work, and it becomes a platform for their own personal storytelling.

The Layers series are works that are composed of human figure drawings cut-out from multi-colored translucent acrylic theater gels. The cut-out figures are then grouped into compositions. Where different-colored figures overlap new colors are created. Where same-colored figures overlap the color becomes deeper. These overlapping figures represent the possibilities that can develop when people come together to communicate and to interact. The possibilities that something new and deeper between people can be created.

Pam Merory Dernham is represented by Lonnie Lee, Vessel Gallery.

Layers #8, 2013
Colored collaged gels on paper
25h x 22.50w in
63.50h x 57.15w cm
Framed: 28.13h x 25.13w in
71.44h x 63.82w cm
$ 2,200.00
Layers #2, 2012
Colored collaged gels on paper
27.75h x 27.13w in
70.49h x 68.90w cm
Framed: 31.13h x 30.81w in
79.06h x 78.26w cm
$ 2,800.00
Layers #10
Colored collaged gels on paper
25.50h x 22.75w in
64.77h x 57.79w cm
Framed: 28.88h x 25.88w in
73.34h x 65.72w cm
$ 2,200.00