Arkitektura is delighted to announce our first showing with Vessel Gallery’s STILLNESS WITHIN. This show celebrates a diverse group of artists and how they create and imagine space and time. The collection takes the viewer on a reflection of memories and perceptions of space. It suggests that if we take a moment to reflect the possibilities of imagined, interpreted, cosmic perspectives the “macro-to-micro” understandings of space and time, then infinite experiences can be ours to behold, and our imaginations, when engaged, can be free to associate with our perceptions, and even share in the visual dialogue. 

Curatorial Consultation Service:

Vessel Gallery provides curatorial services for corporate and private collectors. They can accommodate the needs of any specific installation, working with a wide range of artists, designers, fabricators and architects to assemble and complete projects in a range of two and three-dimensional mediums. Lonnie Lee personally collaborates with design teams to showcase artwork in building spaces and renovations. More than 30 years of design experience ensures that intent is conveyed, increasing marketability and evoking the appropriate message of the space design. 

Services include:

-Art Acquisition 
-Assistance Servicing Permanent Collections
-Rotating Exhibitions 
-Exhibition Design 
-Art Installation 
-Art Collection Management

Vessel Gallery can assemble the appropriate team members to complete the parameters of the project at hand. Working within vision, scope, and budget, each project is delivered with talent and expertise.

Lonnie Lee, curator of Vessel Gallery, is concerned with the artist’s life’s work pursued over time with increasing concentration and singular focus. This approach helps collectors, enthusiasts, and viewers understand the development of the artist’s work. Vessel strives to exhibit diverse showings where discoveries for viewers are not only experiential but endless.

STILLNESS WITHIN will be on view at both Arkitektura and B&B Italia showrooms from 10-6pm, Monday – Saturday until August, 2019.  

Arkitektura SF
560 9th Street
San Francisco, CA 94103

B&B Italia
2211 Alameda Street
San Francisco, CA 94103

Vessel Gallery
PO Box 10022
Oakland CA 94610

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